We equip product teams with the skills and knowledge they need to build the best possible propositions through 5 weeks of hands-on product discovery coaching.

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Who we are

World Class Product Discovery Coaches

Product Buffs was founded by Craig Watson, who previously built and sold two tech businesses. He most recently worked at Spotify as a Product Lead following the acquisition of his startup Soundwave. Craig played a key role in shipping flagship products like Spotify Duo, Spotify New Family and Spotify Kids.


Building the wrong product is enormously expensive

It's estimated that a late change to the product development cycle can increase the scope and overall cost by 2-3x.

Roundabout Process

Without the right frameworks in place, product teams can go around in circles trying to discover what they should build next.

Blank Reactions

A narrow research focus often leads to low impact products that fall short and fail to meet actual business and customer needs.

Morale Sucker

Shipping the wrong product has a knock-on effect for product teams which increases employee dissatisfaction and churn.

Our Solution

Outcome Focused

The Product Buffs coaching course has been optimised for learning outcomes. We've crafted a unique approach to product discovery training to help teams answer a basic but fundamental question - what should we build next? 

We empower product teams to get this answer right the first time so they can avoid shipping mediocre propositions that miss the mark.

"It's as simple as setting aside some weekly slots and allowing for practice time in between the sessions"

How it works

5 weeks of hands-on
coaching and practice

Exploration Stage

The first two weeks of the course focuses on the exploration stage. We want to frame the vision based on a clear problem space.

Definition Stage

The second two weeks are about the definition stage. We'll co-create a broad range of hypotheses to help solve the identified problems.

Experimentation Stage

The final week focuses on testing & pitching to leadership. The goal is to get strong signals about product-market fit potential.

More Info

Just a few of the reasons why our coaching is in demand

Unique Content

Proprietary and unique content that isn't available anywhere else.

Lightning Fast Results

Expect to see quick improvements from your product teams after the course.

Fixed Rate

You'll pay the same fixed price for every participating product manager.

Follow-Up Support

Ongoing support to ensure that participants continue to benefit from the course.

Group Orientated

Get the most value and accountability through our group facilitation setup.

Unique and All Yours

100% ownership of all artefacts and frameworks shared during the course.


We guarantee you'll be satisfied or your money back

If for any reason you aren't happy with the quality of the coaching, we'll refund your money.

We empower product teams to make the biggest impact that they can

We know how frustrating it is trying to move the needle. That's the reason we created the course in the first place - our primary objective is to help teams ship more impactful products.

We work closely with the sponsoring manager in order to exceed expectations

Managing product teams is a highly leveraged position. We recognise that a clear ROI is needed to justify any learning & development expenses. That's why we focus 100% on learning outcomes.

Why people love working with us

"Craig has an uncanny ability to spot opportunities then move quickly from vision to strategy and roadmap"
Amanda Floyd
Director of Product, Spotify
"I recommend this course to anyone building product. The best part is that it isn’t all theory – Craig provides VERY DETAILED steps to help you learn and improve"
Fin Dittimi
Product Manager, WhenThen
"Working with Product Buffs has step-changed how we think and act when it comes to building new product"
Brendan O' Driscoll
Head of Growth, Bird
"Craig fluently navigates every stage of the product lifecycle. His approach will be a boon to any product team looking for their next break"
Martin McKenna
Product Manager, HubSpot

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